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It's time to stop by and pick up your "Spring Blend", 20-5-10 with Pre-M plus "Bayer Season Long" for broadleaf weed control.
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Gardener’s Supply has been specializing in products for soil fertility and the control of weeds, insects and fungi in the Bakersfield and Kern County area. We sell a great selection of custom blended fertilizers, soil conditioners and amendments, and pesticides. We also offer a wide variety of hand application equipment for liquid and granular products.


Come in to see our full selection of products. Helpful and informative staff are here to help your lawn and landscape look its very best!

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Soil Lab

Test Soil

Step 1: Have your soil tested   Take a one inch plastic PVC and drive it into the ground 7″ inches deep. Place 7″ sample of soil taken with PVC pipe, knock it out into a zip lock sandwich bag, and label the outside of the clear sandwhich bag with corresponding number, type of tree,

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Tree Care

Redwood Trees

Redwood trees are from our coastal regions which generally contain well-drained, neutral to acidic soils and maintain a cool, moist climate.  The stresses of our climate cause many, many problems. The following suggestions will help keep your trees alive and healthy. 1- Have your soil tested Soil pH determines the availability of nutrients to the

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Lawn Care

Watering: When and How Much to Water Your Lawn

What are your lawns water needs seasonally?   Below are the general guidelines for each season…   Winter – Water as needed depending on rainfall.  If there is no rain, turn on sprinklers as you should water 1/2″ per week.  Check soil moisture with a long screwdriver – it should easily go into the ground seven inches. Spring –

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What Fertilizers Are And What They Do

Gardener’s Supply has the privilege of serving Kern County.  Because of this we are able to custom blend fertilizers for our soil conditions, unlike box stores that sell the same generic fertilizer all across the country. When you see a bag of fertilizer there will always be three numbers on the label.  These numbers tells

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Rebuilding mounds
2023 Up Coming Baseball Field Day Clinic - (for more info click on picture)

Store Hours:

Tuesday - Saturday

We are located at..
2920 Landco Drive, Suite #2,
Bakersfield, CA, 93308

Why the Soil Lab is Important:
A Case Study

A customer came in, complaining of brown spots in his lawn, and left some soil samples to be tested. We suggested that he use the free service of our Soil Lab as a crucial resource to help fix his problem. The results of the soil testing and from the questions we asked determined there was a slight watering issue and an improper pH level. Below are the before and after results of any one application of the material needed (and he still has one more application to do)!

Another satisfied Gardener's Supply Inc. customer!
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