Outside Residential Service


Gardener’s Supply Inc.

now offering outside residential service for the following improvements..


 • On-site soil analysis and remediation:

• Testing pH levels, soil density/porosity and calcium levels

• Application of pH leveling amendments

• Application of penetrant surfactants made to loosen and break apart hardened and poor draining soils

• Application of soil moisturizing products to reduce water consumption and increase microbial carbon activity along with soil penetrant for absorption of water

 • Winter Seed Application:

• Renovate & scalp lawn with application of perennial rye winter seed along with a long lasting fertilizer

 • Spring/Summer Seed Application:

• Applying Bermuda or Zoysia grass seed along with a compost topper to cool and protect seed. We also add a quality fertilizer to promote root growth

• Sod Installation & Zeroscaping:

• Our service team can prepare your soil and install sod grass purchased from AG Sod in Selma, CA (they deliver daily to Bakersfield).

• To see examples of our work with new sod and zeroscaping click here.

• Deep Root feeding for trees and grass lawns:

Trees – 12″ deep holes around the tree drip line with fertilizer & 24″ deep aeration holes with pea gravel

Lawns –  24″ deep holes with pea gravel covering entire lawn in grid of 1 1/2 feet apart over the entire lawn area. This permanent remediation allows for the roots to access air and water in hardened, clay, or silt soils

• Tiling and soil renovation:

• Using high quality composts, we till the product into your lawn 6″ deep. This enriches, aerates, and helps moisturize the soil plus increases microbial activity for a lively plant health for years to come

• Irrigation installation and sprinkler repair


• Lawn painting:

• Using quality green lawn dyes, our service team will apply a coat of green to take on a true and lasting lawn like appearance


Give Sam call at.. (661) 440-3037 to schedule an appointment or to discuss our outside service options


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